“It’s nice to know Purely Creative are a GENUINE organisation and you can REALLY win prizes.”

Ms Jenner from Fernhurst won £100 cash

“It’s an amazing feeling to win! A genuine surprise!”

 Mrs Burgess from Southampton

won a £250 cash

“Pleased I’d won as we have a holiday soon. A nice surprise. I’ve won and you can too!”

Mrs Hardy from Notts

won £75 cash

“Very happy with my winnings. Give Purely Creative games a go!”

 Mr Richards from Suffolk

won £20 cash

“Purely Creative offer some good prizes.”

… that lovely comment was from previous winner, Mr White from Ipswich! Here are some other comments from a handful of recent Purely Creative gamecard winners. For even more, check out our website at www.purelycreative.com/winners right now!

Plus, for YOUR chance to win an amazing prize of up to ONE MILLION POUNDS, just click here: www.purelycreative.com/play and we’ll send you one of our latest gamecards in the post, direct to your door! GOOD LUCK!

Mrs Mougarber from London

won an iPad Air

“I was ecstatic to hear the news that I had won! I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. All I could think to myself was ‘is this really true?’. Things like this never really happen to people like me. I have already told my friends to get involved with Purely Creative promotions!”

Mr Wood from Sheffield

won £50 cash

“Very nice, you can’t turn your nose up at £50!”

Ms Butler from West Sussex

won a Raleigh mountain bike

“I rang my son with the good news. He was excited too! I have been unwell lately and look forward to treating myself. Thank you!”


Mountain Bike 2 smlMs Butler from West Sussex won a Raleigh mountain bike but opted for a cash alternative!

Miss Bakpa from Kent

won a week at the Pueblo Evita Club in Spain

“Very nice and lovely service. A fantastic resort! Everything was wow, I am short of words! Every day was wonderful! I’d visit the resort again and again. Purely Creative are very nice people – please keep up the good job!”

Mrs Hall from Worcestershire

won a week at the Pearly Grey Ocean Club in Tenerife

“The reservations team were friendly and efficient. Excellent well managed resort, extremely clean, Very friendly, professional staff. Great prices of food and drink, excellent customer service from all staff regardless of time. Fabulous location next to the ocean. Our accommodation had amazing views of the ocean, it was beautiful waking up to this. Our apartment was very clean and the maid service was so helpful. It was a privilege to spend a holiday in such a lovely resort that I would not have picked for myself but thankfully I won it as a prize from Purely Creative. It is a real gem of a holiday resort. Wonderful, relaxing holiday that was such a brilliant experience to be part of that – holiday resorts can be so well managed for holidaymakers like me. New Year’s Eve atmosphere was so happy around the resort and along the beach area firework displays from different hotels and restaurants were super – perfect way to bring in a new year. The best thing about my holiday was listening to the waves from the ocean at night as we were so close. Initially when I sent off my winning scratch card in the post, I did not think I would hear from Purely Creative. When I did receive confirmation by post from you that I won a holiday, again I did not think it was true and must be a scam. However, I decided to contact Pearly Grey to book. My views have changed about Purely Creative now from my experience, I think you have shown to me that you are a very professional company and your prizes are genuine. I am so happy that I won on Purely Creative game cards, I feel so lucky to have experienced such a fantastic holiday.”

Mr Jarvis from Liverpool

won £100 cash

“I was at home when I heard the news that I had won. My partner and myself were very excited and pleased with the prize. We were overjoyed, we screamed and immediately told everyone we knew. I think we will go out to a restaurant.”




Ms Charles from Northants

won £100 cash

“I was happy to receive my cheque. I am absolutely delighted. I am going to treat myself to a few bits I have wanted for a while.”

Ms Charles from Northants – another £100 cash winner!

Mrs Abdy from Hampshire

won a Liz Earle hamper

“I was absolutely delighted to learn I had won a luxury hamper. My daughter also took part and won a watch. We’d definitely play Purely Creative promotions in the future!”

Ms Noble from South Wales

won £100 cash

“I was really surprised and excited! I will either buy myself a new winter coat (present one is 15 years old!) or save it towards a big item of necessary expenditure in the New Year!”

Ms Aslanova from Aberdeen

won £50 cash

“I was delighted, so exciting to win.”

Mr Montgomery from London

won £50 cash

“I was very happy to have won – I will buy something for my new home!”




Mr Montgomery from London won a handy £50 cash prize!

Mr Pieri from Bristol

won £250 cash

“Very pleased! I am going to Florida in November, this will be very helpful.”

Miss Kasmi from East Sussex

won £50 cash

“I have always been happy with Purely Creative. My cash win made me smile. I was happy and felt some butterflies in my stomach. I think I will put the money towards a meal for me and my partner as we have very little time together normally.”

Ms Gratunik from Woking

won £100 cash

“I could not believe I had won £100. I guess I’ll spend it shopping!”


Purely Creative winner Ms Gratunik from Woking!

Ms Hartford from Kent

won £150 cash

“I was totally surprised and delighted. The money will come in very useful. Thank you.”


Ms Hartford from Kent scooped a very useful £150 cash!

Ms Reid from London

won £90 cash

“When I found out that I had won, I reacted very happy. I started dancing in my kitchen to music. I will participate in Purely Creative promotions in the future. I am very grateful for all my winnings and gifts over the years.”


Ms Reid from London won a handy £90 cash!

Mr Boparai from Wolverhampton

won £100 cash

“We were very excited when we found out we had won. We are doing a house extension and the money will contribute to that.”

Mr Taylor from London

won £100 cash

“When I found out that I had won it took a long time to sink in. I would most definitely participate in Purely Creative promotions in the future.”


£100 prize winner Mr Taylor from London!

Mr Moyo from Manchester

won £50 cash

“I was very surprised and delighted.”


Happy Mr Moyo from Manchester – yet another Purely Creative winner!

Ms Kato-Dungu from Enfield

won £100 cash

“Thank you Lord, at last I won something! I’m going to give some to my church and the rest for my three grandchildren. Thank you!”

Mrs Fulcher from Oldham

won £90 cash

“Winning made my day better, I think the prize is a good prize. I’ll definitely take part in Purely Creative promotions in the future.”

Ms Magid from London

won £250 cash

“Before taking part, I thought it would be impossible to win. When I heard the news, I was sitting in my living room planning my wedding! I was very excited and immediately called my fiancé to tell him the news! I will put my winnings towards our wedding of course!”


Ms Magid from London WON £250 CASH!

Mr White from Ipswich

won £150 cash

“It’s nice to know Purely Creative are a GENUINE organisation and you can REALLY win prizes. I had been out and when I came home, a few letters had arrived, one stood out above the rest, a large white envelope. I opened this first and what a nice surprise it was! I was excited when I found out that I had won. I shared the news with my wife, she too was delighted. The prize will help us with a holiday we are preparing for in September, many thanks! I would take part in Purely Creative promotions in the future as they are offering prizes THAT ARE REAL!”

Mr Gill from Solihull

Prize: £500

“Elated at the news! How lucky am I! I told my wife Joan about my win and she was very very pleased. I am very happy!”

pound signs gold

Mr Cowdrey from Basingstoke

Prize: £500 cash

“Amazed at my win! I could not believe it!”


Mrs Lee from Hampshire

Prize: £50 cash

“Very pleased at winning! I’d take part in Watermark Games promotions in the future.”


Ms Moore from Liverpool

Prize: £200 Hobbycraft giftcard

“Wow! This prize suits me as I love that shop! It’s easy to play and the prizes are great.”


Mrs G from Surrey

Prize: Pizza Express meal for two

“Pleased that I won.”


Mr Raymond from Sunderland

Prize: Giant teddy bear

“It will be a good present for my two girls.”


Mr Alade from London

Prize: £100 cash

“Slightly shocked to win and very pleased. I told my father and his reaction was… ‘you owe me a drink’. I sure will take part in Watermark Games in the future.”


Mr Clarke from Torquay

Prize: £190 cash

“Elated at winning! Fantastic!”


Mr Jezeph from Kent

Prize: £100 cash

“Over the moon and very happy! I am very delighted! Worth playing.”


Mrs Skeates from Portsmouth

Prize: £100 cash

“Very excited. My children have already decided what they are going to spend it on!”

 pound signs gold

Ms Todd from Coleraine

Prize: Pendleton Somerby Hybrid bike

“Great news! My old bike has seen better days.”


Mr Thomas from Northumberland

Prize: £100 cash

“Excited and a nice surprise! Watermark Games are easy to play.”


Miss Macdonald from Ross-shire [photo attached]

Prize: £200 cash

“Fantastic! Really need this as we’ve just got married. My fiance’s reaction was ‘no way!!’



Mrs F from London

Prize: £100 every month for a whole year!

“Happy at winning!”


Miss Mattingly from Southampton

Prize: £30 cash

“Great! The games are easy to play!”


Mrs Hague from Sheffield

Prize: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

“Happy and pleased to hear I’d won! Great fun!”


Ms Stemp from Blackridge

Prize: Liz Earle hamper

“It’s an uplifting feeling to win a prize! Tremendous, thank you.”


Miss Braybrook from Essex

Prize: £50 cash



Miss Mackay from London

Prize: £90 cash

“I’m very happy with my prize. Your games are quick and easy to play with a wide variety of prizes.”


Miss Davidson from London [photo attached]

Prize: Liz Earle hamper

“I was very excited and happy to have won something. The best thing about Watermark Games is that everyone has a chance to win something.”


Ms Eaves from West Sussex

Prize: £50 cash

“I was happy with my win”


Miss Rutherford from Essex

Prize: £100 cash

“Great! I love winning prizes and taking part in competitions and games! It’s always nice to win a bit of extra money. I take part in every game! I would say definitely play! It’s a bit of fun and you never know what you might get!”


Miss Bradley from Warrenpoint

Prize: £80 cash

“OMG it’s class! I will play again in the future!”


Ms Moneta from Bromley

Prize: £75 cash

“I was surprised at the win and thought I was imagining the result. I am so grateful! My daughter thought I was kidding when I told her. Watermark Games are easy to understand – the prizes are incredible!”


Mr Barnes from Middlesex

Prize: £80

“Wonderful! My wife was pleased. Watermark Games are very good. Give them a go!”

Mr Marrs from Sunderland

Prize: £90

“Very pleased, a lovely feeling to win. Watermark Games have a good array of prizes. Of course it’s worth playing!”


Miss Currie from London

Prize: £75

“Happy to hear I won! I would recommend playing!”


Mrs Scrivener from Anglesey

Prize: £1,000 cash

“It was a lovely surprise. I couldn’t believe it! Came in handy as my daughter is getting married. Fantastic! I was gob-smacked, over the moon!”


Ms Zukauskaite from Lincolnshire

Prize: £250 cash

“Very surprised at my win! Watermark Games are fantastic!”

 pound signs gold

Miss Urban from London

Prize: £50 cash

“An unexpected win, I’m pleased.”


Mr Grainger from Leicester

Prize: £150 cash

“Very happy to win! The best thing about Watermark Games is the integrity of the company. If a friend asked me whether it would be worth playing Watermark Games I’d say ‘go for it!’”


Miss Fern from Gloucestershire

Prize: £100 cash

“Very grateful and happy. It’s a great prize and I can’t wait to spend it! I told my friend and she was happy for me. Watermark Games are worth it and fun!”



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