Some sample recent happy winners!

Mrs Gaskell from North Wales

Prize: Liz Earle hamper 

“We enjoyed playing. We didn’t expect to win much really but we were delighted to receive an option of a hamper or £150. I was so happy, I have never won anything like this before. I’ve always wanted cash! I’m going to buy some clothes for my two daughters, they will be so excited. Thank you very much!”

Mr West from Basingstoke

Prize: £50 cash

“I would definitely play your games in the future.”

Mr Pieri from Bristol

Prize: £250 cash

“Very pleased! I am going to Florida in November, this will be very helpful.”


Mr Jarvis from Liverpool

Prize: £100 cash

“I was at home when I heard the news that I had won. My partner and myself were very excited and pleased with the prize. We were overjoyed, we screamed and immediately told everyone we knew. I think we will go out to a restaurant.”

Miss Hart from Middlesex

Prize: ghd IV hair straighteners.

“Purely Creative promotions are always good and have decent prizes. I was very excited when I found out that I had won!”

hair strIGHTENER

Miss Kasmi from East Sussex

Prize: £50 cash

“I have always been happy with Purely Creative. My cash win made me smile. I was happy and felt some butterflies in my stomach. I think I will put the money towards a meal for me and my partner as we have very little time together normally.”

Ms Charles from Northants

Prize: £100 cash

“I was happy to receive my cheque. I am absolutely delighted. I am going to treat myself to a few bits I have wanted for a while.”


Ms Holland from Oxfordshire 

Prize: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

“Very pleased with my prize, it’s brilliant!”

Ms Noble from South Wales

Prize: £100 cash

“I was really surprised and excited! I will either buy myself a new winter coat (present one is 15 years old!) or save it towards a big item of necessary expenditure in the New Year!”

Ms Gratunik from Woking

Prize: £100 cash

“When I saw that I had the three matching winning symbols, I could not believe I had won £100. I guess I’ll spend it shopping!”

Ms Aslanova from Aberdeen

Prize: £50 cash

“I was delighted, so exciting to win.”


Mrs Kelly from the Isle of Man

Prize: £50 cash

“Always happy with cash! Very pleased with my prize – I would certainly play Purely Creative promotions in the future.”

Mr Montgomery from London

Prize: £50 cash

“I was very happy to have won – I will buy something for my new home!”

Mr Evans from Staffordshire

Prize: £100 cash

“I was delighted with my prize of £100! An unexpected bonus!”



Ms McDonald from Middlesex 

Prize: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

“I believe Purely Creative is a company you can trust and suggest everyone should try. You never know. You could win like myself. When I found out that I had won I was in the kitchen taking a study break from my Business Ethics revision and thought ‘can’t hurt to check’. I was so happy. My friend was with me at the time, we both couldn’t believe it. It will most likely go towards a holiday for myself and my two children.”


Mrs Tongue from West Sussex 

Prize: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

“Purely Creative promotions are extremely well organised and offer participants fantastic prizes. I was in our conservatory when I received the news that I had won. I reacted with joyful disbelief! I was over the moon at winning the Kindle Fire HD as I know from my daughter-in-law that not only can it be used for reading but can also be used for emails etc. My husband has wanted a laptop for this reason for ages so we can both share it! Many thanks, I’m thrilled!”

Miss Davies from Hereford

Prize: Jasper Conran dinner set 

Dinner service

“Very happy, still can’t believe it!”

Mrs Lyus from Suffolk

Prize: Hugo Boss fragrance gift set 

“Hearing the news I had won was good!”

Ms Clare from London

Prize: £30 cash

“I couldn’t believe I’d won!”

Mrs Proctor from Blackburn

Prize: £140 cash

“It’s a nice win!”

Mr Reed from Liphook

Prize: £90 cash

“Purely Creative promotions are entertaining! Overwhelming surprise, more than I’ve ever won before.”

Mr Lawrence from Doncaster

Prize: £100 cash

“Purely Creative promotions are very good. Fantastic news!”

Mr Ali from London

Prize: £750 cash


“I was at home in front of the TV when I found out that I had won, I put the volume down and checked again – I was so happy! Over the moon! Thank you Purely Creative (Lydia and Carly!). I’ll definitely do some shopping, thank you so much.”

Mr Amissah from Bury St. Edmunds

Prize: Jasper Conran dinner set

“Now I can testify that Purely Creative are genuine and are the best. I will continue to play Purely Creative promotions until I win the £1 Million prize!”

Mr Reid from Pontefract

Prize: ghd IV hair straighteners 

“£90 is a good prize. I’m happy! I will participate in Purely Creative promotions in the future.”

Miss Kraft from the Isle of Man

Prize: ghd IV hair straighteners 

“I have won smaller prizes prior to winning this prize. I think that Purely Creative promotions are always worth a try. I was pleased to establish that I had won the hair straightners, however I am pleasantly surprised to hear that I can have cash as an alternative. I was at home when I received the news that I had won. I am currently off work due to family illness and this has definitely cheered me up! I can buy whatever I want with the cash.”

Mrs Spragg from Cobham

Prize: ghd IV hair straighteners 

“Purely Creative promotions are very good.”

Mr Symons from Cornwall

Prize: £30 cash

“It’s a little bit of fun! A friend told me about Purely Creative promotions and said he had won two or three times. I would play again!

Mr Rosol from Oxfordshire

Prize: £100 National Book tokens 

“Purely Creative promotions are interesting. £100 cash is better than nothing!”

Ms Whiting from Kent

Prize: Liz Earle hamper 

“I was always intrigued by Purely Creative promotions as they are fun. I didn’t expect to win anything really, especially not something like the cash prize. I initially won a Liz Earle hamper. I am going to use my cash towards my holiday to Ibiza this September!”

Miss Nakimuli from Gosport

Prize: Hugo Boss fragrance gift set 

“I am thankful for the prize I won!”

Miss Doran from Sussex

Prize: iPad Air

“Really surprised and very happy – an iPad Air is a great prize! know it’s a genuine company with genuine prizes!”

Miss Findway from Dorset

Prize: £30 Boots gift card

“I always heard good things about Purely Creative. I was very pleased and happy with my win. I’d definitely play again.”

Mr Veoma from Oldbury

Prize: £30 Boots gift card

“This gift card is a good prize. I feel very happy.”

Mr Thompson from Abderdeenshire

Prize: £30 Boots gift card

“I’ll be playing again for sure, as I know that there is a realistic chance of winning a bigger prize.”

Mr Darby from London

Prize: £50 M&S giftcard

“Thank you – I can now shop in M&S!”

Mr Budd from Leighton Buzzard

Prize: Amazon Kindle HD Fire

“I was pleased as I was thinking of buying one.”

Ms Martin from Bournemouth

Prize: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 

“I didn’t think I would win. It’s cheered me up since I came out of hospital. Thank you very much Purely Creative.”

Ms Sutherland from Aylesbury

Prize: ghd IV hair straighteners 

“Purely Creative promotions are great.”

Ms Young from Kirkcaldy

Prize: £30 Boots giftcard 

“I did not expect to win anything. I’ll play again next time”

Mrs Hann from Cannock

Prize: Hugo Boss gift set 

“I was very sceptical until I realised I had won something.”

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